Half Way - My One Women Show

Comedy Under the Stars

  • Started Sep. 16
  • 15 Canadian dollars

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Overall in 45 years, I have learned, I like cats over dogs but what I actually want is a raccoon; I have been fired from every job I ever had including my dream job. 1995 I met a boy on something called the internet, moved to L. A and everyone thought he was going to kill me. He did not. I learned French in Paris is not real French at all but a bunch of sounds put together that only they can understand, and they like it that way. 8 out of 10 food choices I make are vegan, but if I found out I was dying I'd eat a bucket of Mary Brown's fried chicken. I have a debilitating addiction to vegan mayonnaise, and the biggest lies I tell myself are the ones in the chip aisle of the grocery store. Come for an evening under the stars in my back yard, where I will share my favourite stories from the last 4 one women shows wrapped up in a new package that will prove Half Way through life, ageing is the extraordinary process of becoming the person who you always should have been. Opening Story Teller - Kevin Whalen

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