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Can I learn Reiki?


All Sunday's in January 5 - 26   time is TBA (depends on the class majority)


My Delaware Studio


FEBRUARY 23, 2020

11 am - 6 pm


My Delaware Studio

Within 15 minutes of my second Reiki treatment, I knew two things.  

1) I needed more Reiki than I could afford. 

2) There had to be a way to learn it.  (at the time I thought I was cheating the system) 


There was - it was called an Attunement. 


Once attuned, the practitioner retains power through his/her life. The practitioner’s energies are never depleted for (s)he merely acts as a channel.  While healing the clients the practitioner also gets healed. Hence doing healing increases the practitioner’s energy and enhances their feelings of warmth and well being. Reiki is a pure form of energy and does not depend on an individual's talent or acquired ability. The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity or spiritual ability. It can be learned by any person. It can be learned in a day. Once a person gets attuned by a Reiki Master, from that moment onward (s)he acquires the capacity to heal.



There are Four Levels of Attunements in Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki One - Self Healing.  A deeper awareness of yourself. 

Reiki Two - Self Healing & Giving Treatments.

Reiki Three to Master - Self Mastery (one year apprentice) 

Reiki Master Teacher - Teaching & Coaching.

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