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One On One


Chakra Coaching

Charka Coaching

     These 40 minutes sessions are designed for each person's individual Chakra needs.  

     I could personally talk Chakras for days, part of my witchy charm, but in this 40 minutes session, we can identify where your Chakras are block and a comprehensive unblocking plan. 

     This coaching/teaching session can be done online or in-person. The only difference is online you supply the tea in person I supply the tea and a cat might crawl into your lap.  

You just tell me whether you want a coaching or teaching session and we will go from there. 

Messages From Your Spirit Guide


A spirit guide is a soul who chooses not to reincarnate but to stay back and guide you in this life.  In order to come here, we must agree to forget, everything.   But, they do not.  They have the assignments for you to fulfill your spiritual curriculum.    They agree to support us in our lessons and journey.  They love us with a pure love that is in fact unfathomable.  


     This three-card spread can give us some insight into some guidance or messages that they might be sending us.  This way of talking with your spirit guide is like training wheels on a bike.       

Eventually, you can start to trust your inner guidance but until then, we have  The Three-Card Spreads. 

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