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Body Work (bod'ē-wŏrk)  

Any technique involving touch, massage, manipulation, and/or energetic principles used in the improvement or restoration of the body mind and spirit.

The Treatments

Treats I Do
Energetic Shifting Massage
​​90 min - $90  (incl tax)

The most popular full-body energetic massage. It will have you floating out the door and feeling like a new person.  Great for Grounding, vitalizing energy flow throughout the body, and releasing endorphins. 

Healing Detox Special
120 min. - $135 (incl tax)
Need a swift but gentle kick in the energetic ass. It starts with a 45 minutes Reiki treatment followed by a 75-minute energy shifting massage. Great for detoxing and change of season and generally feeling good.
Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid
​​75 minutes - $90 (incl tax)
 This is the ultimate in Chakra shifting.  When shit happens let shifts happen.  This treatment uses Aroma Therapy, Tuning forks, Crystals and Reiki to help your blocks move on to the other side! 
Reiki Session
​​60 min - $77  (incl tax)

Whether it's your first or 100th treatment, this is a great place for someone seeking out the world of energy healing or for someone just in need of a tune-up.  I mean we give them to our cars every 5000 km, right?  

The Packages 

Energy is accumulative so packages are the best way to experience the long-term effects of its healing energy.  The closer you have your treatments together the better your body becomes at using it in your body to heal.

Weekly Healing Special 
4x -2 hrs-once a week. $400 (incl)
Reiki / Massage Healing Detox Combo
Weekly 2 hour treatments of healing bliss.   A Hybrid of Reiki and Energetic Shifting Massage will help you through any month of the year.    
  *Must come weekly
Massage Packages

5 Sessions - 90 min each - $425 (incl tax) 
*must be used in six months​​
The Did that Really Just Happen?
4 sessions-60 min-4 days in a row  $250 (tax in)

Designed for a specific part of the body that you have thrown out of alignment.  Whether you have pulled your back, strained your neck or sprained your ankle.  This massage treatment works on moving the energy around the affected area so it can shift out of the body.   Also great for emotional pain like a breakup or high-stress situation, like a mother-in-law?

Reiki Packages

​​5 sessions-60 min each-$333 (incl tax)
What can Reiki do for me?    
Why Don't You Come To Me? 
Energetic Shifting Massage
​​90 min - $125  (incl tax)

Imagine after a massage when you have to leave, it's okay.  But imagine if after a massage you wrap yourself in a robe and walk me to the door.  You will love it.  Now let's talk parking.  

Healing Detox Special
120 min. - $170 (incl tax)
The Ideal home treatment.  We/I start with massage then lull you into a healing comma with Reiki.  The only problem is you won't want to walk me out.  But that's okay if you put the table close enough to the bed, I can roll you onto it and see myself out.  Think about having this one in the early evening.   
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