My Mission Statement - I believe, these days, we live in a hustle & bustle world filled with distractions and disconnections and because of this Body/Energy work is essential.  It is Important for the maintantence and the evolution of the human condition.   My goal is have good quality,  affordable and accessible healing for all those in need, whether you are re -vamping your entire life or just need 90 minutes to unwind from it.     

Energetic Shifting Massage
​​90 min - $90  (incl tax)

The most popular full body energetic massage. It will have you floating out the door.   Best value is the 90 minutes.  It is also the most thorough.  

Great for Grounding, vitalizing energy flow throughout the body, and releasing endorphins. 

Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid Treatment
​​75 minutes - $90 (incl tax)

Get ready!  This is the ultimate in Chakra shifting.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Feeling energetic dirty? When shit happens let shifts happen.  This treatment uses sound vibrations, Chakra tuning forks, a crystal grid and Reiki to help your blocks move on to the other side!   

Healing Detox Special
120 min. - $135 (incl tax)
Created especially for people who need a swift gentle kick in the energetic ass.   It starts with a 45 minutes Reiki treatment followed by a 75-minute energy shifting massage. Great for detoxing and change of season and generally feeling good.
Reiki Session
​​60 min - $77  (incl tax)

Whether it's your first or 100th treatment, this is a great place for someone seeking out the world of energy healing or for someone just in need of tune up.

Very Emotionally grounding, physically stabilizing. 

Weekly Healing Special 
4 sessions - 2 hrs - once a week. $400 (incl tax)
Reiki / Massage Healing Detox Combo
Weekly 2 hour treatments of healing bliss.   A Hybrid of Reiki and Energetic Shifting Massage will help you through any month of the year.      *Must come weekly
Reiki Packages
​​5 sessions 60 min each - $333 (incl tax)

Energy is accumulative so packages are the best way to experience the long term effects of Reiki's healing energy.  The closer you have your treatments together  the better your body becomes at using it in your body to heal.   

Reiki One Class - $250.oo
Reiki Two Class - $400.oo
Reiki Three Class $1000.oo
You are Not Broken All Day Workshop - $125.oo
The Did that Really Just Happen Special?
4 sessions - 60 min./4 days in a row - $270

Designed for a specific part of the body that you have thrown out of alignment.  Whether you have pulled your back, strained your neck or sprained your ankle.  This massage treatment works on  moving the energy around the affected area so it can shift out of the body.  


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