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Small Group Classes

The Who, What and Where of Reiki Universal Life Force.   This Reiki Class is about healing yourself.  A step in your journal of self-mastery that started the day you were born. 
Reiki Level One - $250.00
In this Reiki Level Two Class we deep dive into the Chakras.  We discover some ancient sacred Reiki Symbols and Learn how to be a Reiki Level Two Practitioner with some new exciting hand positions. 

Reiki Level Two - $350.00

Class's I Teach.
Reiki Master Practitioner
takes us to our deepest level of self-mastery yet.  
Reiki Level Three - $1200.00
In this class, we explore how to create and build a relationship with spiritual tools.  When you are on a journey so many things shift and change it is hard to know how to use   What tool for what job?  
Witch Box 101.  $155.00

One on One Classes and Coaching

Chakra Coaching 
40 min.  $35.00.
Package of 4 $100.00
Messages from Your Spirit Guides.  
30 min.  $40.00

An Evening With Series

The Chakras. 2+ hrs
$30.00.   2ppl min. 4 max.
Knowing about Chakras is empowering. It can support you in creating a relationship with subtle energies. Pick a Chakra.   Grab some friends and let's talk, eat Chakra specific snack and learn
The Spiritual Ladder 2+hrs
$30.00.    2ppl min 4 max
Spiritual concepts discussed in this living room series such as Who am I? What am I doing?  What is Karma? What is the next step in my healing journey?
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