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Root Chakra

Theme ~ Manifestation

Location ~ At the base of the Spine


I belong wherever I am. 

I accept myself for who I am.

I cultivate consistency, stability and wholesome structures to help me through changes in my life. 

Heart Chakra

Theme ~ Unconditional Love

Location - Over your heart.

Affirmations ~

I am loved, I let love in.

Love connects me to the infinite and makes me whole

I am kind to myself

Themes an Affirmations.

Sacral Chakra

Theme ~ Sex and Relationships

Location ~ Above the belly button


I allow pleasure and goodness into my life.  

I open myself up to simple healing pleasure.

I feel my emotions and my pain.

Throat Chakra

Theme ~ Truth and Communication.

Location ~ Internal and external throat

Affirmations ~

I share my feelings with ease and comfort.

I listen to my inner truth.

I express myself as honestly as I can. 

Solar Plexus

Theme ~ Self-Worth, Personal Power

Location ~ Above stomach

Affirmations ~

I use my power wisely.

I am in touch with the source of my power.

I am worthy of a good life.

I know that who I am love, intelligence and goodness.

Brow Chakra

Theme - Intuition and Physic Connection

Location ~ Inbetween the eyes.

Affirmations ~

My nature is whole.

I find wisdom from my past and healing in the present.

I cultivate a positive outlook in all situations. 


Crown Chakra

Theme ~ Bliss and Connection to Source

Location ~ Top of the skull.

Affirmations ~

I acknowledge the presence of spirit working in my life

I see the one true reality.

God works in my life, regardless of my limitations. 

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