What is a Chakra? 

Chakras are major energy centers in the body, places where life energy is especially concentrated. They serve to gather energy, regulate it and circulate it to the surrounding organs. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning Wheel and refers to the moving, spiraled form taken by the chakras.


Since the Chakras are important centers of life energy, palm healing exercises such as massage and reiki are very effective. Chakra exercise may be used for general harmonizing of bodily energy, to strengthen the energy flow in a specific region of the body, to help certain organs and/or improve mental and emotional functions.

What are the Benefits to Chakra Healing? 

Reduced pain and stiffness.

Stress management.

Decreased anxiety and depression.

A stronger immune system.

Increased  circulation.


Increased flexibility.

Release old patterns and beliefs.

Release endorphines and promote happiness. 


Body Awareness.  

Our physical body is constantly sending us messages about our emotional body.   Understanding these messages is one of the steps of self mastery (knowing who you are and being in charge of your own destiny). In a life that is self mastered anything you want to do is possible.  Anything! (extra exclamation points) ANYTHING!!!!!


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