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What is Reiki? 

Universal Life Force?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique based on the principle that the therapist becomes a channel for the energy using different hand positions on the body.  This then activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body and can restore physical and emotional well-being. 


Thousands of years ago, people understood that the human body was made up of something besides skin, bones, cells and fluids. They understood that an invisible life force permeated everything from stars to atoms.  We can think of this invisible quality as energy itself.  The invisible force was given the name "ki" in Japan, "chi" in China and "Prana" in India. 

Reiki is the Universal Life Force that flows through your Primary Channel.  It is your birthright. 


Imagine (if you will) your primary channel flowing through your body like a stream.  From the tip of your head (crown chakra) to your tailbone (root chakra). Well over time, thought patterns, experiences and toxins collect as rocks and dirt in our streams. After a while, this can impede the flow of water.  Soon our stream doesn't flow as strong and free as it was intended.  In the human condition, we call this Dis-ease.  Now imagine at the top of that stream is a waterfall.  With enough water, you can clean the slow-moving stagnant stream.  Reiki is that waterfall.   

What Is Reiki?
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