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An Evening With Series

An Evening With Series is any evening typically 2 -3 hours in length, where we talk about Chakras, Spiritual Concepts and The Art of Healing.   This is a type of living room lecture with projector screen snacks and stories.  (Picture the salons of the early '20s. ) Indulgers of an evening with series will enjoy specifically curated themes to help them along their healing journey no matter where they are on the path. 
An Evening With Series



Get ready, cause we gonna talk Chaka's.

 On the agenda.


Accessing our personal Chakras.

Drinking & Eating Chakra snacks.

How do Chakras work? 

Affirmations for Chakras.

Crystals and Essential Oils that help open our chakra systems.

Themes and stories of our Chakras.

So grab your friends or come alone and lets dish about our Chakras 

The Spiritual Ladder.

This living room lecture series teaches us how to access all the levels of spirituality as we discuss the four themes.  

1. Victim

2. Manifestor

3. Not my Will but Thy Will

4. I am my own God


We'll break down the spiritual ladder and discuss concepts like What is Karma?  What is the energy that creates worlds?  How do I manifest what I want?   What is being spiritual mean and can I still yell at people, even a little?  This evening will inform and help you lean into your own personal healing journey.  It might give you more clarity on the age-old questions, 


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