What is a Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid?  


Get ready to have your chakras blown!  

Quit literally.  


Durning your day you pick up energy, from computers, from friends (you know the one, who has been going thru a break up on that contiuous loop for 6 months), from food, from being around so many people.  Don't even get me started on the ttc.  

(Honestly why is that guy need to place his whole body on the pole?  Where is my hand suppose to go?  I guess I will just hope for that best when the train stops) 


It all contributes to the energetic sludge that is building up in your body.  It can cause  depression, anger, laziness and in some cases that  fit a rage when you couldn't open that bag of cheetos. (we have all been there)  It is very normal.  But not all is lost a chakra balancing is what is in order.  (there is more information of Chakras on the next page) 


This treatment works like this.


 STEP ONE - First we treat your body with some soft hitting sound vibrations. Each chakra is set at a frequency. With special chakra tunning forks we can get your chakras vibration the frequency they were meant to. 


STEP TWO -  Crystal grid.  Now that your chakras are vibration on a tune they know (you should have seen my grandfather jam out to the beach boys, a thing of beauty)  we can lay chakra approriate crystals on them opeining then up further, helping to dispense dirty built up energy.  


STEP THREE - Reiki.  Now we can add some life affirming, life altering energy to your chakras.   Imagine a super nova bursting stagnant, dull energy into a 1000 pieces and replacing it with pure white light.   That is what would be happening to your chakras. 


STEP FOUR - You feel unstoppable, you go home take back that ttc pole, tell your friend "he is just not that into you" eat some kale and feel your energetic birth right.  FREEDOM!  






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