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During your day you pick up energy, from computers, from friends (you know the one, who has been going thru a break up on that continuous "why won't he love me? loop for 6 months), from food, "ah chips".  Do not get me started on the TTC.  "Sorry, Sir why does your entire body need to be leaning on the pole? I guess when the train comes to an abrupt stop for no reason I will cross my fingers.  Also, we can deplete our own energy reserves by repeating negative thought patterns in our own heads from limiting beliefs.


It all contributes to the energetic sludge that is building up in your body.  It can cause depression, anger, laziness and in some cases that fit a rage when you couldn't open that bag of Cheetos. (we have all been there)  It is very normal.  But not all is lost a chakra balancing is what is in order.  (more information on Chakras HERE) 



STEP ONE -  Essential Oils. Together we will choose an essential oil to guide us thru the treatment.  


STEP TWO - Sound.  Then we hit your body with some sound vibrations. Each chakra is set at a frequency. With special Chakra tuning forks, we can get the vibration of your Chakras the frequency they were meant to. 


STEP THREE -  Crystal grid.  Now that your chakras are vibration on a tune they know (you should have seen my grandfather jam out to the beach boys, a thing of beauty)  we can lay chakra appropriate crystals on them opening then up further, helping to dispense dirty built up energy.  


STEP FOUR - Reiki.  Now we can add some life-affirming, life-altering energy to your chakras.   Imagine a supernova bursting stagnant, dull energy into 1000 pieces and replacing it with pure white light.   That is what would be happening to your chakras. 


FINALLY -  You feel unstoppable, you go home take back that TTC pole, tell your friend "he is just not that into you" eat some kale and feel your energetic birthright.  FREEDOM!  

Reiki Chakra Crystal Grid?
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