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The you are not Broken Workshop


Saturday, February 1  $125

You are not broken. You never were. We live in a world that needs everyone to think they're broken, ‘cause why else would we buy that shampoo, or blush, or bottled water? If you’re tired of the endless message that you are a mess, it’s time to acknowledge that you’re already whole.

In this all-day workshop, come and dive deep into what makes you tick and tock and absolutely ROCK. Self-awareness is a long and winding road, but we’ll start to travel down the path of discovering your personal power and building your self-esteem.

By the end of the day, you can expect to have the beginnings of a map for your own personal journey. And you will have moved one step closer to the most important thing on this planet: a life with self-esteem and personal awareness.

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