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Root Chakra Stones

Blood Stone - The Blood Energizer Stone

Red Tiger's Eye - The Root Strengthener Stone

Obsidian Rainbow - The Journey Protection Stone

Obsidian Mahogany - The Pain Remedy Stone

Obsidian Golden - The Psychic Protection Stone

Onyx - The Grief and Loss Remedy Stone

Sponge Coral - The Emotional Flow Stone

Garnet  (deep red) - The Vibrant Body Stone

Red Jasper  - The Nurturing Stone 

Black Labradorite - The Impossible Obstacle Remover Stone

Sm. Smokey Quartz Stone - The Root Chakra Balancer Stone

Pyrite  (Raw and Whole)  - Abundance Stone

SnowFlake Obsidian - Serenity on Chaos Stone

Red Jasper - Root to Heart Connector Stone

Sm /Lrg Raw and Whole Black Tourmaline - The Negative Remedy 

Jet - The Addiction to Freedom Stone

Cherry Fire Quartz - The Action Activator Stone


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