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                     Heart Chakra Stone

Malachite - The Emotional Mastery Stone.

Aventurine - The Emotional Balancer Stone.

B.C. Jade - The Heart Path Stone.

Rose Quartz - The Self Love Stone

Chrysoprase  (8mm) - The Courage Stone.

Ruby in Zoisite - The Passion and Beauty Stone.

Chrysocolla  (8mm) - The Feminine Balance Stone.

Green Tourmaline (so rare) - Primal Power Infusion Stone

Tree Agate - The Element Nature Stone.

(Fairy Stone) 

Unakite - The Birthing Stone.

Strawberry Quartz  (8mm) - Loves Elixir Stone.

Peridot - The Humour Stone.

Pink Opal - The Heart Journey Stone

Green Quartz - Heart Stone Opener

Pink Agate - Earth Rainbow Balancer

Serpentine - Spirit Earth Stone.

Green Tiger Eye - Heart Under Pressure Stone.

Pink Tourmaline (raw) - The Heart Activator Stone

Serpentine Jade - The Spirit Earth Stone 

Raw Ruby - The Passon Stone

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